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Welcome to UK-Korea Research Conference.

The 1st IBS Conference on Dark World will be held for 30th October – 3rd November, 2017 at the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU) of Institute for Basic Science (IBS), located at the KAIST Munji Campus in Daejeon, South Korea.

IBS Conference on Dark World is a biennial meeting about physics of dark world, which is jointly organized by the three IBS centers on fundamental physics, Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research (CAPP), Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU), and Center for Underground Physics (CUP). The topics covered in the conference include dark matter, dark force, and related subjects in  physics  beyond the standard model of particle physics. This biennial meeting is aiming to bring together theorists, experimentalists and observers working in the field of cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics to discuss the latest results, ideas, and future prospects on physics of dark world.

Date & Venue

2019. 5. 28-30

Kavli Royal Society International Centre (Chicheley Hall), UK


Kyu Jung Bae (CTPU, IBS)

Sanghyeon Chang (CTPU, IBS)

Ki-Young Choi (CNU)

Kiwoon Choi (CTPU, IBS)

Kenji Kadota (CTPU, IBS)

Yeongduk Kim (CUP, IBS)

Hye-Sung Lee (CTPU, IBS)

Hyangkyu Park (CUP, IBS)

Myeonghun Park (CTPU, IBS)

Yannis K Semertzidis (CAPP, IBS/KAIST)

Jonghee Yoo (CAPP, IBS/KAIST)

Sung Woo Youn (CAPP,IBS/KAIST)


Materials Science


Organized by

The Royal Society
The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
Institute for Basic Science (IBS)


08.30 Registration
09.15 Welcome and Introduction by hosts (Wolfson 1)
09.45 Coffee (room change)
Materials science (Wolfson 2) Neuroscience
Session 1: Materials for energy Session 1: Synapse and glia development
10.00 Bill David
10.05 Peter B Littlewood
Materials for energy and sustainability
10.00 Changjoon Justin Lee
MAOBists join BAPtists and TAUists in Alzheimer research
10.25 Josh Makepeace
In-situ structural analysis of hydrogen storage materials and ammonia decompostion catalysts
10.25 Oscar Marin
Differential control of excitatory and inhibitory synapse development by neuregulins
10.50 Discussion 10.50 Discussion
11.00 Bill David
Energy materials and the bulk movement of charge
11.00 Jinhyun Kim
mGRASP for high-resolution structural and functional synapse mapping at multiple scales
11.25 Jan-Willem Bos
Development of thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery
11.25 Ragnhildur Thora Karadottir
Oligodendrocyte precursor cell-states and activity-dependent (re)myelination
11.50 Discussion 11.50 Discussion
12.00 LUNCH
Session 2: Advanced characterisation and computation Session 2: Synapse diversity and computation
13.00 Hyunjung Kim
Ultrafast and nanoscale structure and dynamics
13.00 Hee-Sup Shin
Neural circuits underlying the ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing’, a psychotherapeutic regimen for fear disorders
13.25 Andrew M Beale
Chemical imaging of functional materials under process conditions
13.25 Seth GN Grant
Synapse diversity and the synaptome architecture of the brain
13.50 Discussion 13.50 Discussion
14.00 Aron Walsh
Quantum mechanochemical coupling in halide perovskite solar cells
14.00 Min Whan Jung
Remembering rewarding futures: a simulation-selection model of the hippocampus
14.25 Young Hee Lee
van der Waals materials and heterostructures: synthesis and Coulomb drag transistor
14.25 Leon Lagnado
An amplitude code transmits information at a visual synapse
14.50 Discussion 14.50 Discussion
15.00 Tea
Session 3: Novel material systems Session 3: Inherited and acquired synaptopathies
15.30 Kookrin Char
2DEG state at the BaSnO3/LaInO3 polar interface
15.30 Eunjoon Kim
NMDA receptor dysfunction and sexual dimorphism in mouse models of autism
15.55 Ki Tae Nam
Peptide encoded chirality in single plasmonic nanoparticles
15.55 Angela Vincent
Autoantibodies and the brain
16.20 Discussion 16.20 Discussion
16.30 Alex Gibbs
193Ir ? opening the door to high quality neutron scattering studies of iridium-based materials
16.30 Inhee Mook-Jung
A breakdown in metabolic reprogramming causes microglia dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease
16.55 Hamish Hei-Man Yeung
In-situ investigation of metal-organic framework formation
16.55 David Beeson
Congenital myasthenic syndromes: new genes and better treatment
17.20 Discussion 17.20 Discussion
17.30 Pre-dinner talk (Wolfson 1)
18.10 Drinks reception and Dinner
Materials science Neuroscience
Session 4: Low dimensional materials Session 4: Synaptic circuit disorders
09.00 Phil King
Electronic structure and charge ordering of 2D quantum materials
09.00 Jeong-Ho Lee
Deciphering brain somatic mutations in human neurological disorders
09.25 Moon-Ho Jo
Epitaxial 2D electrical circuitry on atomically thin van der Waals semiconductors
09.25 Annette Dolphin
Neuronal calcium channel trafficking and function: relevance to chronic pain
09.50 Discussion 09.50 Discussion
10.00 Han Woong Yeom
Topological excitations in low dimensional electronic systems for robust informatics
10.00 Sung joong Lee
Negr1 controls adult hippocampal neurogenesis and affective behaviours
10.25 Jong-Hyun Ahn
Two-dimensional materials for wearable electronic and optoelectronic devices
10.25 Ian D Forsythe
Kv3 voltage-gated potassium channels: their role in action potential repolarisation and in brainstem auditory processing
10.50 Discussion 10.50 Discussion
11.00 Coffee
Session 5: Spin-orbit coupling Session 5: Circuit formation and learning
11.30 Je-Geun Park
Spin-orbit entanglement in 3D transition metal compounds
11.30 Ji Won Um
Mechanisms of activity-dependent inhibitory synapse development: implication with epilepsy
11.55 Ara Go
Spin-orbit coupled ground state in strongly correlated insulator CuAl2O4
11.55 Kinga Bercsenyi
To be or not to be: life or death decisions during brain development
12.20 Discussion 12.20 Discussion
12.30 LUNCH
Session 6: Free electron lasers Session 5: Circuit formation and learning cont.
13.30 Hyun-Joon Shin
X-ray free electron laser at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL-XFEL) for materials science research
13.30 Jaewon Ko
Molecular principles of mammalian GABAergic synapse formation
13.55 Malcolm McMahon
Exploiting XFELs for a new generation of extreme conditions science
13.55 Michael Kohl
A role for the retrosplenial cortex in latent learning?
14.20 Discussion 14.20 Discussion
14.30 Tea
Session 7: Magnetic and superconducting materials Session 6: Sensorimotor circuits
15.00 Philip Kim
Exciton superfluid and ferromagnetic superconductivity in graphene
15.00 Seung-Hee Lee
Functional dissection of neural circuits for sensory integration and perceptual decision
15.25 Fabio Donati
A magnetic bit made of a single atom
15.25 James Jepson
Dyskinesic Drosophila: using fruit flies to study hyperkinetic movement disorders
15.50 Discussion 15.50 Discussion
16.00 Paolo G Radaelli
Magnetic crystallography and beyond: magneto-structural textures in functional materials from diffraction and spectroscopy
16.00 Jeongjin Kim
Cognitive-motor integration in basal ganglia outputs
16.25 Suchitra Sebastian
Unconventional phases of strongly correlated matter
16.25 Esther Becker
New insights into cerebellar disorders
16.50 Discussion 16.50 Discussion
17.00 Joint summary 17.00 Joint summary
17.15 CLOSE


Materials science

Bill David FRS(Co-chair) / ISIS/Univ. of Oxford

Aron Walsh / Imperial College London

Peter Littlewood FRS / Univ. of Chicago

Andrew Beale / UCL

Phil King / St Andrews Univ.

Jan-Willem Bos / Heriot Watt Univ.

Paolo Radaelli / Univ. of Oxford

Malcolm McMahon / Edinburgh Univ.

Alex Gibbs / ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Suchitra Sebastian / Cambridge Univ.

Hamish Yeung / Univ. of Oxford

Josh Makepeace / Univ. of Oxford

Je-Geun Park(Co-chair) / IBS

Young Hee Lee / IBS

Han Woong Yeom / IBS

Moon-Ho Jo / IBS

Kookrin Char / Seoul National University

Hyunjung Kim / Sogang University

Hyun-Joon Shin / Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

Philip Kim / Harvard University

Ara Go / IBS

Fabio Donati / IBS

Ki Tae Nam / Seoul National University

Jong-Hyun Ahn / Yonsei University


Dimitri Kullmann FRS(Co-chair) / UCL

Annette Dolphin FRS / UCL

Seth Grant / Univ. of Edinburgh

Angela Vincent FRS / Univ. of Oxford

Oscar Marin / King’s College London

Leon Lagnado / Univ. of Sussex

David Besson / Univ. of Oxford

Ragnhildur Thora Karadottir / Univ. of Cambridge

Ian Forsythe / Univ. of Leicester

Esther Becker / Univ. of Oxford

Kinga Bercseny / King’s College London

Mchael Kohl / Univ. of Oxford

James Jepson / UCL

Eunjoon Kim(Co-chair) / IBS

Hee-Sup Shin /IBS

Changjoon Justin Lee / IBS

Min Whan Jung / IBS

Sung Joong Lee / Seoul National University

Inhee Mook-Jung / Seoul National University

Jeong Ho Lee / KAIST

Jinny Kim / KIST

Jaewon Ko / DGIST

Seung-Hee Lee / KAIST

Jeongjin Kim / KIST

Ji Won Um / DGIST


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